The responsibility to be yourself

Eastern philosopher Osho says that the good thing about being an elderly person is that you are too old to give a bad example and at the same time, you can start giving good advice. Truth is that inside any elderly person there is a youngster asking himself what has happened.
We talk about angry youngsters and not about bitter old people who feel that their lives are not what they could have been. They feel deceived. They become irritated with the youngsters’ joy and do not accept themselves because they live obsessed with death. Nobody taught them how to love life, how to love themselves, to assume the only sense of existence: to be happy. And to be happy is to be yourself, to be able to do things because we feel like doing them, not because others command it or to reach merits for an afterlife. That is religions’ and power groups’ blackmailing: to postpone happiness and to maintain our submission. They became obsessed with sex and with what people ate but, more than anything, with the liberty of thinking, of acting and of saying yes or no without further explanations.
Good are the child, the student, the worker, the citizen who obeys without questioning the causes of injustice. They have converted obedience into a virtue. For the one in power, a good community is a flock of sheep that eats without making noise. We haven’t been born to work or to obey.
The rebellion of the elderly people who suffer solitude as death’s prelude is urgent. It is never late to become mature without confusing growing old, which is a matter of the body, with the maturity that implies growing towards the inside and savouring life. One thing is the sky of consciousness, with its possibilities of inner growth, and a different one the passing of the mind’s clouds. To discover ourselves as drops of water in an ocean of silence is to transform existence into a celebration. It’s to discover the universe in the dew.
There is no greater provocation than being yourself. To dare to be, to disagree, to enjoy and to realize yourself in harmony with the universe. The wise person accepts reality by imposing his own mark on it: to do what we want we must want what we do. Because nothing can die, only change its form. Existence knows nothing about old age, it knows about giving fruits. Now we have what we look for. We must awake.
Maturity means we are home. Maturity is conscience, growing old is just wearning yourself out. There is still time to move to a different train.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez