The right to happiness

Since humans started dominating hostile nature to benefit from it, they took great steps in matters of social interaction and engaged in cooperation and friendship relations with other peoples and other communities. The end of confrontation and war in its most inhumane mode made the leaders of different cultures and civilizations understand that progress went hand in hand with economic growth and what we denominate social development was not at the margins of the political structures that governed them. Hence the most splendid period of cultural creation, philosophical profundity, scientific and technical advance correspond to long periods of peace as the product of justice.
The great revolutions in Humanity’s history are the milestones that sustain the fundamental columns of different cultures’ and civilizations’ structures. These structures, like all buildings, emerge, crumble and, over their ruins, other structures are erected. Like that, the most recent industrial revolution is at the origin of the domination of some communities by others globally with economic growth and the power of strength over reason and justice as the only criteria.
All that would give way to the birth of exploited and rejected social classes that gained conscience of their condition one day and emerged as protagonists of a revolution with a strong social character, as opposed to previous ones that supported themselves in concepts of group, ethnicity, community, territory, the domination of techniques, religion close to power, civilization, language, the nation, the state, the empire or theories that were ephemeral and lacked a reason of being, such as “vital space” or “natural borders.”
When technology transformed its owners and erected itself in technocracy, the tragic separation of knowledge from science and technique came to place with the absurd and irrational domination of technique over the other two. The domination of science over technique and the most profound instances of human beings such as intuition, feelings that were expressed by the convictions that inspired their traditions and their religious forms, along with the desire for harmony and unity, for eternity and transcendence, for justice and calm, for quest for happiness and truth, in its purest form concreted in the concept of Supreme good or deity, supposed such a radical and profound uprooting that it drove people and communities to a senseless wandering with security at any cost as a guiding star and the loss of the values that expressed their conscience of people in exchange of degrading themselves to individuals who were objects of transaction, speculation or of inhumane confrontation with utility as the only criterion. That idea of well-being at any cost gave way to the loss of an identity based on the most profound roots that reflected the original face of human beings as persons, of nature as a rich and friendly medium, and of cosmos as an integrating part of that total being in which we live, move and are.
History’s most terrible wars were waged one after the other during the last century, catastrophes in the form of aggressions against fear took place, along with the degradation of humans who were treated like not even animals were treated before in a systematic way of extermination with ineffable suffering, eradication of conscience and of feelings, of traditions and people’s identity signs, of accumulated values that erected competitiveness as a style, the anxiety for goods as a norm and the alienation of senses as the only criterion of survival in a world that considers itself hostile, lacking sense other than being the instrument to shut up the howling of the solitude and isolation that have engrained in human beings as resources to drown their fears.
With computer science’s victory, with nuclear energy’s unlimited power, the destructive artifacts serving the interests of the superpowers through war, with the proximity and simultaneity of information about what happens in any region of the planet, with the aggression of the media that bombard us with publicity’s imperatives even in the most intimate corner of our homes, with the tyranny of having over the connatural evidence of being... women and men of this planet, the elderly and the children, the healthy and the sick, the poor and even those who consider themselves to be materially rich, survive uprooted in an atmosphere of anguish. Fear is the cause of the expanded pain that is born, once more, out of wrath as a product of fear, of the concupiscence of our senses, of clinging on the desire for things, of the greed for ephemeral recognition and, definitely, of the disorientation produced by the loss of sense for living with dignity, in harmony with everything that exists, in solidarity with all the other beings and with transcendence that emerges from contemplation, from authentic experience –not experiments- that adapts to the universe’s laws and takes us to the plenitude of being and of the existence, which results in the perfect happiness to which every being aspires without knowing it.
Never before had the planet been so close to the destruction of the ecosystem, to the extinction of millions of people and to a change of paradigm that could destroy all of Humanity’s achievements instead of opening itself to new models that place social matters before State matters, human ones before technocracy’s tyranny and happiness before the success of an uncontrolled growth. Unjust inequality between communities and people primes in the world we live. The natural environment can no longer resist the continuous and systematic aggression that extinguishes species, life in rivers, in the oceans, of the forests and of the Earth with a rampant erosion and desertification, with situations of poverty, hunger, infectious disease, of lack of home, of lack of culture and basic education for more than one billion beings, of uprooting for millions of emigrants, of inhumane work for millions of children, of the exploitation of hundreds of communities of the developing world by a few communities of the developed one, of atrocious deaths by wars in which casualties are greater than deaths as the result of combat, of segregation and discrimination for hundreds of thousands of human beings in a world in which it is possible to remedy all these plagues because they are the products of man’s injustice and because the planet is capable to feed its habitants as long as people act with justice, wisdom, intelligence and solidarity. And common sense too because our life depends on it.
Because of all this, we run the risk of institutionalizing the effects by silencing the causes of these acts of injustice, of these discriminations and of so much pain and rejection of human beings with an identical right to a life with dignity as any other person, given that we are citizens of the global community that the world has become, with a common destiny of solidarity.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez