It's time for convergence

Convergence to assume problems as challenge, convergence of knowledge, convergence of resistances, convergence of alternatives, convergence of spirits, convergence of the hearts, towards a world of justice and solidarity, of imagination and progress, of optimism and of spiritual growth. It is possible to build a better world if we bring together efforts to propose feasible alternatives to the outdated and obsolete development model that prevails. This model causes exploitation of the weakest because of the prepotency of a few who, blinded by greed and arrogance, donít understand that the only flag with a future is the solidarity that faces unilateral globalization. We need alternatives based on the well being and on the happiness of the people; proposals that procure national, cultural and religious differences. The equilibrium between personal initiatives and the collective objectives will shed light on new realities.
We will work with indicators other than the market ones for the expansion of sectors that take into consideration the well being and the happiness of the people who utilize them. Before us, a thinking that is creative and universal is rising, one that integrates and brings calm, that conserves and expands, that makes us feel responsible in a movement of solidarity, rather than making us feel guilty for being born and forces us to walk muted like sheep.
Democracy is not only a goal in the organization of societies. It is primordial for the functioning of social movements, political parties, enterprises, institutions, nations and international organizations.
All cultures are patrimonies of Humanity and it is precise to act proudly because we know we are authors, not slaves.
Strengthening and democratizing international and regional institutions has become an objective that depends on the progress of international law and of the regulation of economic, social and political relations, both in the world sphere, as in the areas of financial markets, of treasury, of emigration, and of disarmament. Itís necessary to create a network of committed people, of social organizations, of centers of reflection to promote policies of sensitization. It is possible to build a universal democracy that respects the identity and the dignity of all human beings. Itís time to revert the course of History. 2,000 years ago, in the corner of the Empire, the marginalized and the poor received the good news, but it seems that we havenít learned much.

Josť Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 10/11/2004