NGOs are the main target

Independent NGOs, not the government organizations that are tamed by the public powers or by private interests are the objective of the financial oligarchies.
When banks occupy themselves with the poor and the multinationals finance NGO programs through scandalous advertising campaigns, there is enough reason to shiver. Like it happens with humanitarian campaigns fincanced by alcohol and tobacco companies, or companies that produce pollutants or products that cause cancer. Why don’t big companies leave NGOs alone? Why don’t they improve their working conditions, their retirement programs, the quality of their products and the fair payment of the raw materials that they rip from the expoliated developing countries? Why do some governments pretend to benefit big NGOs and to finance merges? Why do they want to make us grow so much if small is beautiful?
NGOs are not the post-sell of weapon factories to quench the fires that they cause with their criminal business. Neither are they the public relations screen with which governments try to clean their images by financing “development programs” in countries with economies that attract investment that take away their future. Justice must lead their commercial transactions, their investments and the use of their labor in their headquartes, which brew in developing countries to take advantage of their lack of social labor-related rules.
It is necessary to have many more NGOs that go to the borders of the wound to heal it, just like blood goes. The statement that there are too many NGOs is false and twisted. Are there too many volunteers as well? While NGOs finance their services with their own resources, given by their members, they will be necessary as long as there are structures of injustice. Those that are not autonomous must disappear. They will be prostituted if they survive with the official funding of their projects. True freedom leans on autonomy and on solidarity, not in the profit or in the self-obsession, and in the critical capacity to come up with imaginative proposals.
There are NGO Coordinators that have created needs and that accepted poisoned funds from international organizations. Authentic NGOs are within the social tissue and are measured by their services, not by their power. Their motivation must be passion for justice. Let us be coherent. Their grandeur lies in knowing that they have solidarity in their responsible action. Since the winds of discredit are blowing, it is precise to organiza resistance to turn our hope into reality.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 01/31/2005