Rome did not stop the barbarians' arrival either

The most terrible threat to humanity is demographic explosion. In the beginning of the 20th Century, there were less than 2 billion people and, towards the end of the century, there were 6 billion.
The Copenhague, Cairo and Beijing Summits took place to study this problem. It has been proved that wherever women have equal access to education and work, the demographic curve becomes stable. Marriage takes place more than ten years later and maternity becomes more responsible.
Birth rates in rich countries descend alarmingly and the population of old people increases. The retired population requires an increase in immigration numbers to cover work positions and to guarantee the pension payments with their contributions to Social Security.
There will not be demographic explosion if we make education available for all, if we guarantee reproductive health to women and the real possibility of erradicating hunger in a world that has become global and small, in which we all share responsible solidarity.
It has been proved that it is possible to erradicate hunger and to provide basic health care to all, and we cannot wait any longer because the planet is in danger. Cooperation should be imposed for our common interest, if not for justice alone.
There is something wrong when there are 34 conflicts in the world, when the United States and England bomb Iraqi cities full of civilians and the free world tolerates that Israel exterminates the Palestinian people in the most arrogant way, violating international law and creating an authentic holocaust. The Unites States does not control the laundry of 400 billion dollars from drug trafficking in its banks, but it does provide weapons to Colombia to bomb its coke plantations.
About a hundred multi-millionaires asked Bush not to eliminate the tax on inheritance so that, they could re-invest the saved 236 billion dollars. They claim that this would have a repercussion over the poorest people. It is more than half of the necessary amount of money to end hunger.
Never has humanity counted on so many resources to eliminate poverty and to establish peace as the product of justice. Rome was not prepared for the barbarians’ arrival.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 01/03/2005