The Amazon is Humanity's heritage

The construction of highways threatens the largest natural reserve in the world, which will devastate the ecosystem. Prestigious scientists analized the consequences of the impact on the natural environment that the project “Avança Brasil” will bring. The impact has a cost of 40 billion dollars, but the damage to the natural environment in the Amazon will be irreversible. The study, published in “Science” magazine, proved that more than 95 percent of the Amazon will have lost its character and about a 30 percent will be lost forever.
That huge lung represents 40 percent of the tropical forests in the Earth. It will suffer irremissibly with the construction of highways, railroads and hydroelectric power plants.
The Brazilian government has an enormous political responsibility for humanity and must bring help from natural environment organizations to prevent deforestation.
The Amazon loses 20,000 square kilometers each year. “Avança Brasil” will increase those loses by 20 percent each year. The destiny of the largest tropical forest in the world and the survival of the planet are at stake. The construction of highways will allow lumberjacks to penetrate the rainforest deeply.
There are various attempts to preserve the rainforests, but they are nothing in comparison to the exploitation activities that destroy the natural environment.
“Avança Brasil” shows a perverse planification with gigantic projects that are approved before the environmental risks are evaluated.
Fires capable of burning the treetops that form the rainforest’s treetops that form the canopy to turn it into a landscape of bushes, similar to the savannas. Scientifics suggest that Brazil should accept “compensation funds” from developed countries to save the rainforests. The past government rejected them, which the scientists deemed a “great mistake.”
In ancient years, slavery was defended as an economic resource. Millions of human beings suffered segregation because of the color of their skin or because of their ideas. The Old Regime acted by “the grace of God.” The North exploits the South in the name of the markets. Women continue to be rejected in society. Some people pretend that war is an instrument of “development.”
Thanks to Pope Alexander VI Borgia’s Inter Coeteris Bull, Portugal was able to dominate those lands. Brazil steals the same title. The atmosphere, the seas and the Earth’s lungs are nobody’s property. They are Humanity’s heritage because common good is the priority. It is necessary to protest against that wicked exploitation by the financial powers that pretend that everything is valid as long as it brings economic benefits. We must all join in a common cause with the Brazilians in charge to take care of that fundamental part of our telluric skin because our survival is at risk.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 11/22/2004