The heart's path

It is the path of courage. It is a word that comes from cor, “corazón”, which translates to “heart” in English. Courage and cowardice are a coin’s two faces. Fears drag the coward while he finds shelter in the apparent safety of reason. The brave man acknowledges his fears and goes into the unknown. He leans on a life of insecurity, with love, on a life full of trust; he resigns to the past and accepts the future. Those are the people who have vowed to insert themselves on the borderline. Not beyond that because we do not know the laws that determine chaos yet.
The lost innocence will never come back, but it is possible to create a new innocence. (In noccere: incapable of harming). Dangers are avoided and risks are assumed by confronting them. Even if life did not make any sense, living must make sense.
The heart is always willing to take a risk, to assume the challenges, not to provoke them. No man can ever be challenged beyond his own strength. Nobody knows what one is capable of until the moment comes. The mind is nothing but memory. The heart’s path is creativity, ingeniousness and feeling at the same time.
There is only hope in the invisible, not in the future because the future does not consist of prospects. It consists on the things we risk to search. It is rather a hypothesis than a reality.
Each moment must be a celebration without calculations or judgments. It is precise to face life like a game, since nobody asked us for our permission to be given birth. Playing means to do something for the sake of it, to discover the internal light of things. Life is a gift, a task that vows for justice, virtue and truth as an experience, not as a belief. It is absurd to hold on to things tightly, as if we were to take more than what we brought to this world. The only way to possess is to share with joy.
One must live passionately with coherence, in the border with chaos. Nietzche suggested that it is precise to bring chaos inside if we want to ignite a star. Institutions foster an anxiety of security in order to control us. They wish to drown rebelliousness in order that we do not discover their motivations against our legitimate anxiety of knowing and of sharing responsibility. They want to convert us to ox.
The beauty of life reveals its mystery, which always takes us by surprise. A person becomes human when it becomes responsible of what he or she is. The major courage is to be happy, free and vulnerable so that the winds can pierce us.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 11/08/2004