The spirit of social volunteering

The integral development of society and of the individual does not concern the State or political parties, nor to the different religious orders. The human being, with his family and friends in his atmosphere, with his culture and his free options leads his own development. Cooperation will always be welcome, but not an imposition that does not respect freedom, justice and the basic right to seek happiness. Humans are born to be happy. Happiness projects the potentials in a balanced development that brings close plenitude to the person. The strongest, the supremacy of the senses, the exploitation of the weakest and arrogance, the source of insatisfaction and an empoverishing isolation, will take over if we do not specify the reach of words.
Solidarity comes from solidus, a Roman golden coin that was consolidated and that not variable. People get together because they are aware that they are open to others because they are being of encounter and not isolated individuals.
Solidarity depends on the sensitivity for the values that ought to be carried out by people who sense the call from something for which they vow. Thus solidarity implies generosity, unselfishness, participation and strength. When we join others with solidarity we see an energy and a joy that emerges and that generates valid ways of unity, environments of freedom, of understanding, of cooperation and of justice.
People speak of the necessity of “realizing oneself” and of being authentic. Let us remember that authentikós is the person who has authority, which comes from augere, to promote. He, who has authority over someone, promotes something: he, who is authentic, has the reins of his own being. He has iniciative and does not fail us because he is coherent and because he enrichens us with his sincere and stable way of being. López Quintas says in The book of values that in order to posses that kind of sovereignty has to accept himself, to take life as a gift and to assume some life conditions that he did not choose: qualities, sex, family and nationality. We have to accept this life with its implications and we need to configure it to lead it towards an ideal. If we respond to this call that values make, we become responsible to live wide open and generous towards the others in their toil to live with plenitude.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 12/20/2004