To be yourself

Creativity is a rebellion to break free from so much conditioning that ties us down and impedes our flight. The creative person cannot follow a beaten path. Jeremy Irons said he never did what he should, but rather what he believed. That is what it is about: to act out of conviction, which leads us to take and assume risks.
A creative person can see things that others have not seen, can hear what others do not perceive, can light the world each morning.
Three C’s distinguish the new man: conscience, compassion and creativity. Conscience is the capacity of knowing oneself and to be consequent; compassion is the feeling of interacting with others and creativity is action, more than it is routine or an imposed activity. Against the excessive logic is plenitude that is moved by feeling and governed by intuition, the great loser in what is often called development.
Creative action is born out of silence, out of a contemplative mind that has turned life into a celebration. It is spontaneous and always fertile. It is absurd to proscribe leisure time as a source of danger. We have been inculcated a compulsive workaholic tendency. There are people who live to work, to make money, to take care of their health. One cannot live for anyone: family, friends or any institution. One can only live with them. Since early in childhood we are taught to produce; we produce for some years and they abandon us when we stop producing.
It is not what we do. It is how we do it.
Nobody talked about quitting desire, but rather about not holding on to desire and not letting go. Wisdom is to desire to be part of life without missing anything.
Life becomes a celebration over the birds, the water that runs, the blue sky, the sun and the rain
The purpose of life is to do what one wants to do. That is, to love what one does. Plenitude is the only ends of existence. It is not to have. It is insane to say that the more expensive something is, the more valuable it is.
It is possible to act without looking for merit: the most imminent virtue is to do what we ought to do. It is not necessary to reach Ithaca, Jerusalem or Tumbuktu. It is enough to know that we are on our way until we realize that each one of us is the way.

José Carlos Gª Fajardo
Translated by Carlos Miguélez

This article was published in the Center of Collaborations for Solidarity (CCS) on 12/13/2004